Post for 10/21/14 Class

The articles related to copyright were fascinating.

One thing I had never thought about before is the value added by an archive and the possibility of their charging for a service. I had always wondered why rights holders would be up in arms if something is in a library for in-library only use (besides the value of viewing/hearing the media), but I never thought about how by archiving a piece and documenting metadata about it, as well as making that data searchable, value is added that the copyright holder feels like they have a claim to.

(repatriation) One thing I’ve also wondered about is if you are returning recordings to a “culture”, who do you return them to? Another in house archive? Does that create its own new set of problems? Also, I agreed with the notion that we shouldn’t return them unless there are facilities for preservation back in the site.

Can there be a new era of field recordings that is 100% free of “colonialism”? What steps must be made to ensure this? Who would evaluate? Is one person objecting enough?

Section 107, and Fair Use is something I have seen a lot with YouTube channels that critique various media. One of my guilty pleasures is watching video game playthroughs with commentary, something that content makers argue is fair use allowing the video and audio of games to be displayed. Despite this, many copyright strikes have taken a particular channel I like down from time to time, and another music review channel I like had much of its content removed due to playing songs he was critiquing in his videos. I personally love these critiques and believe they should be protected and allowed to have the subject of critique included in the videos. It is not up to me though 🙂

I appreciated the point made by Seeger about how much copyright law is based on a Western or modern sense of reality, but how do we reconcile copyrighting cultures who may not buy into our culture (for example, believe that spirits live on and are ever present, are they able to own things and advocate for things through a medium?)

The readings today made me a bit worried about my project, but I believe it had adequate info for drafting release forms and working with the library/you and the artist/owner to acquire materials in the right way. That being said, more research into specifics needs to be done by me.


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